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How big should a community be?

How big should a community be?

There are two parameters and two practical considerations that play a role on how big you’d like a community to be.


The community needs to be large enough to cover all the key groups, and for each group you need enough people for the different sorts of projects you want to conduct. If you want to run discussions, you’ll need reliability through 20-75 people per group taking pat. If you want to run surveys, you need to, reliably, have a minimum of 100 completes per group, which includes splitting the data by issues such as gender and age. The community needs to be small enough for you to be able to provide all your members with engaging activities. If there are some types of customers you only want to speak to once or twice a year, they probably should not be in a community.

Practical Considerations

The maximum size of the community may be governed by the cost of recruiting members, or of the platform. Most large communities have between 3000 and 10 000 members. if members are recruited from client lists, the costs will be much lower than if sources have to be purchased, which often permits a larger community.


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